There's this place/restaurant called look out point somewhere near Ampang Hill and it's a nice place, good atmosphere, the foods are not bad and basically is not that expensive. It's affordable and you won't be crying around and complaint my girlfriend yesterday ask me to treat her sushi and it cost me RM150...hahahaha~~Sorry ar, PK I used your phrase~~

Yeah, back to business. I was on my way to find Miss Potato Phoon aka. Ah Ling and we actually stuck in the we decided to eat somewhere near and puhh~~! This Look Out Point appeared in my mind and I started up my GPS and here we go~~and I know Potato haven't been there yet so might be a good experience for her. Soon we reached the hill, she looks like a Village girl and keep on showing a very surprise face....I also got nothing to say~~hahaha...stoned. Really Potato~

While we're there and we started with looking around and saw KL's really nice and I dunno how to describe~both of us also thought KL was a nice place to stay at while looking at the scenery but in nothing special. Really...besides all the shopping mall I dun see any reason to stay here if I'm not working here~~hahahahaha~Then after that we proceed for our dinner. Quite a number of choices and we get really confuse and dunno what to eat. After a period of time I ordered Spring Chicken and Strawberry Shake while Potato oredered Grilled Chicken Chop with Black Pepper Sauce and a Mango Blended~

We didn't took the picture of the foods but we did take a picture of the food after we ate~~ Here you go~~

My Spring Chicken~~hahahaha~ Not bad but I prefer boneless food/meal.

We talk lots of crab and do lots of idiotic stuffs as usual from us..."we're puyohs" anyway~act puyohs lo~~haaha. We saw like 5 times people singing and celebrating birthday over there and there're alot of young people there. I felt old thou~~what a greet scene. Do I did what they did last time during my time like theirs?? I felt time just passed so fast, too fast I even can't recall what happened during my past~~Potato told me she dun even have a birthday celebration like tat before so big and more than 10 people~but at least this year we did celebrate for her and it's like around 7 people. Wish next year will be ur biggest birthday party in ur life ya Potato~~

Here're some pictures we took during the dinner~~hahaha...not much but enough for blogging thou~ Enjoy~~

I'm quite a poser so dun bother to shoot me~~hahaha

Potato Ling is also a poser....she said this is her all time famous pose.

Her Mango Blended~~

As usual acting like a Scary Chicken also known as "Hung Pou Kai" her fave. movie...hahaha

Hahaha....another picture of me eating...stop shoting while people's eating ok~~

A duo cam whoring~~

We chat around and time flies and it's already like 2 hours passed and we decided to go back. While going back, we took some moment to shot the KL view scenery~~here're the picture~~

On the way down the stair we saw an eagle statue that looks like Langkawi's big we took a picture but we can't take the eagle and instead we took this spooky picture.

Potato with KL view~~

Still got where u haven't go...bring u go and see ur sua gu look...hahha

Me with KL view~~IN KL EVERY DAY ARE EVERY DAMN DAY~~just do it!!

Was quite a fun experience since it's been a long time I been to this place and this was my second time here and to be able to see a sua gu acting so noob...hahaha, really a good experience. Thanks Potato for accompanying me there and the food there are not I think I might go again.