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Monday, May 17, 2010

Recently nothing much too said, it's also been awhile since I update my blog. But what made me wanna write something again is this Taiwanese Drama called "下一站, 幸福". To be honest I never once finish one Taiwan drama before and I find it stupid to watch all these Idol drama but.....This "下一站, 幸福" is different. I also don't know what to say about this, is so good from the story, the way the cast act, and the plot. Yeah, the songs too~~Can't tell you the spoiler because I'm trying to promote the drama here so please go and watch it.

The cast....
Ady An, Vanness Wu, Tiffany Xu, Chris Wu, Zheng You Jie, Figaro Ceng, Wen Sheng Hao...etc

A happy family, it makes me wanted to have a family and a cute son or daughter too...that's how strong the impact gave you in this drama. Seriously I never thought I'll like Taiwanese drama. Maybe because I felt in love with a girl, that's why I so into these kind of mood, one of the main factor I guess~~hahahaha~~Any way, enjoy the drama please~~go and watch it if you haven't~~!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

为什麽明明想靠近 却还在迟疑

深刻的烙在心里 最温柔的酷刑




It's embarrass to say but this is what currently my feeling is~~exactly the same...

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Chinese New Year means a lot to Chinese people, it's the most happening and biggest festival for Chinese..everyone finds it very happy and it's a long awaited festival every year. But for me, it's been the same for the passed 7 years....not much of changes. And some more this year first day of Chinese New Year were Valentines Day~bad for you guys who had love partners~~~for me~~hahaha...single and don't give a damn~~nyahahaha~Ok, back to business~

First day, same old things, second day same old things and everyday during the 15 days also the same for me for god knows how long~but this year is a bit different. I broke the spell i guessed~ I did go to Khoon's (one of my friend) house but this time it's a bit different, cuz I brought Ling go~~Ling told me she's bored and no place to go so she'll just tagged along~ All my friends surprised I brought a hot chick there~~and asked short and long~~and all misunderstood that she's my girlfriend and I need to like explained and explained and explained but at last still no people believe me due to that day was Valentines Day I guess~~Enjoy some pictures here~~

I looks like an Idiot~~hahaha
Played some stupid game where the loser will be slapped by the winner~~Ling looks great in that outfit~
Nah, cilaka Danny~~muahahahahah~~wanna slap u very long already~~

Wong Fei Hung, Leong Fun and Zhu Yuk Weng~~wahahahha~

Yeah, what a nice first day of Chinese New Year, we also had our dinner at Ah Fei's cousin restaurant as usual, we do it every year~Here are some pictures we did our "Lou Sang"~~

Huat AR!!!!!!!!

After the dinner part, I went to Ling's house instead of Jonathan's...Sorry Jon...this year din get ang pao from your parents~~haiz~but instead, me and Iys won few hundread ringgit at Ling's house. Sorry ar Ling's 2nd Brother....hahhaa, next year you can revenge for this year, no problem~~hahaha.

Then after that we went to the stupiest bar and club in Mentakab...dun wanna mention the name because some people might see it and kill me~~haha. We went to this pub Ling used to participate in their singing competition...we had 4 tins of Heinekein worth Rm57....sweat~~Soon after Iys and Stanley arrived we change our place to another stupid club then we had our time there~~yeah and we got to know another hot chick, Ling's friend, her name was Ker Sing~~fun girl~~nice meeting you~BTW she also lost some money to me and Iys if not mistaken~~haha~
The Puyohs at club~~

New friend~~Ker Sin~~

Seriously, they're the hottest in the club~~hahaha~~others ar all lalas and some auntie inside~~Luckily these 2 with us~~haha

I'm not drunk, I'm not drunk~~i just felt shy taking photo with Ling~~hahahah~

He's drunk....Iys is drunk~~hahaha

Stanley remained cool~he cannot drunk one...just sleep~~

Yeah, our first day ended here~not much to say about the second day. I forgot what happened on that day too..let's just skip the second day and move on to 3rd day where me, ling, iys, stanley, Jiaee, Sim, Ivan and Yung Jing went to Cherating Kuantan for a trip. At first we were saying Gambang Water Park, our destination but soon after we got lost we changed our plan and headed to the beach~~yay..let the pictures talk~~

Ya, my car stucked in the sand and can't get out...these people help us to do the job. Really apreciate them...Thank you~~SATU MALAYSIA!!!

Preparing for launching to attack the Cherating beach~~

Jiaee was holding the camera~~but dun bother...she's no Important...wahahhaa...joking la...Jiaee so cute, where got not important~~

On our way back, we saw this restautant...It seems good but it's not good...the food is like so simply done and we heard Ivan said this restaurant is one of the good one so we stopped by. Ya, i can't possibly post all the pictures here but if you're interested you can add me in Facebook and see it, here's the link!/profile.php?id=632665702..

Basically that's all for our trip, the funnest trip I ever been althou it's just a one day trip and to a place where it's free of charge. It's really depends on who you're going with..Thanks guy for giving a fun trip~~loves you all.


I promised Danny i'll be joining them on the trip to Malacca on the fourth day but before that Jon actually told me that he din book room for us and ask us to book ourselves so I was kinda pissed where I told them I'm joining at very early. But when Danny asked me to rejoin them on the day before Chinese New Year so I decided to go, because Danny asked me~So I joined them~On the way to Malacca was the worst day I ever had...damn it...worst than broke up in a relationship~~my Myvi got sandwiched by some other cars and these are the outcome....Iys and Stanley was in the car.....the freaked out man~~haha..sorry ya bro~~
See how badly it damaged~~I knew I'll had a bad day~~damn....I should have just put them aeroplane because I don't felt like going after I came back from Kuantan...Haiz...I also thought to sit someone's car thou...damn~~

Oh, my myvi~~damn....I missed you...not just me.....Ling missed you too, that what she said la....Ivan too...hahaha...

Haiz......damn~~The workshop people said it'll recover in 2 weeks time from today~~I really wish nothing goes wrong man~~Damn it god damn it~~

Ok, everything settle in 2 hours plus...thanks Iys, Stanley and len nee for accompanying me to the police station~~wasted RM200 on that police traffic station~~Damn you~~

Ok, Malacca Trip~~not much to write. We stayed at A Banglow at A Farmosa....all the time we were swimming in the swimming pool provided.......and had steambaot on the first day~

They Funnest part.....swimming most of the time at our banglow~~yay~~

Quite a filling steamboat~~but the preparation took like ages....Lenn keep complaining and wanted to just get some satay at the mamak and go back to sleep~~

The day after, we headed to the most famous Chicken Rice Restaurant in Malacca and I found out that the chicken is not much different than the one I ate at KL/Mentakab....Just the Rice ball taste good~~hahaa...see the espression on my face you can tell~

4 Kung Fu masters at Jonker street~~Wahahaha~Just walk around at there for 1 hour and we headed nice la.....what's the trip for...go back and sleep...hahaha~

We had Satay celup at night and it taste awfully not good....I don't like it but it also depends own self prefrence I guessed. I preffered to eat Portugesse Grilled Fish thou but already full made by these Satay Celup~~Actually the trip was not really fun...the best part was we all can gather and laugh around and also see lenn's espression when he first met the 2 chicks from Malacca...for more info...ask him yourself...hahaha..if you get to know him...

Gathering with you guys is the funnest in the trip~~yay~

Overall not a bad trip I would said but not that interesting too because I've been there for a few times. Just quite happy for the gathering and swimming session. After that not really had good times to when we back to Mentakab....had quarrel with my family and I don't wanna mention about is just too much of problems~~haha~

This year Chinese New Year had beem Different from the rest...I guessed I will called it fun and new. What a long post this time I hope you guys enjoy reading.....if you don't, u can curse me for making u read these shit~~have a good day~~