I don't know who are you seriously but your comment made me wanna write back abit or maybe more about more self again~~The reason why I'm not writing anything here is because I tot no one will read my stupid personal life experience so I move on to my band's blog "www.thepuyohsband.blogpsot.com" with more people visits and read~~haha.

Alright back to business~I've been hibernating, opss~I guess not actually, I've been busy with my office work and also personal life. My band had been quite active since August so I've been busy practicing and looking for performance for my band. Besides that there are a lot of works going on too at my office "Scream Interactive" the staffs here and me are really screaming~~work until we scream~~serious shit~

Besides that, since I knew this few people, my life changed a bit here and there....these are the few people~~

(1)Sok Ling : My very good and powerful vocalist and also hairstylist~~He design my hairstyle for free~~yay!! She's a cheerful girl too.

(2)Jiaee : A slow and blur girl, my another vocalist and guitarist...she gave us chance to perform for th first time at hwalian~~

(3)Ivan : Sim's bf~a very cheerful boy.

(4)Wen Ying : My band's Keyboardist and also my Ah Mui~~She fullfilled my band with her talent~~a very mysterious girl~~but i like talking to her~~

This is the current me~~I didn't changed much from outlook but inside i changed quite abit~~

I've been staying away from all those love and relationship for almost 10 months plus~~and I might continue to stay like this for another half a year~~If possible I wanna do whatever I want before I found another part of my life~and to be honest if possible I just wanna play music with these few people in my band all day long without any stress or problems in mind~~that's all I wanna say for now~~Will update more frequent~~haha~