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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ok, now is the turn to talk a bit about my work. For those who know me they already know I'm working as a "Web Designer"and some may even know which company I worked for. Here's a small icon of my company in case you guys don't know about it. By the way if you guys see it you wouldn't know too, hahaha.

Here's it:

A little bit about XM Expanded Media Malaysia

Basicly XM is a web design company *Did some print and other media design too*, located at 16th Floor, Kenanga international, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur. We've got some big clients like "Media Prima", "Petrosains", "Celcom", "Sutra Foundation" and many more. So famous site done by us are :,, or you can log in to find out more.

During my time here, I've done some of the projects as well and some I think is well known and some my not in your league. Here's what I've done. Have a look.

Celcom EURO 2008 site
Here's one of the big name client Celcom. My tasks here is to Touch up Edwin's design "my ex-colleague" and do the finishing for this site as well as maintenance together with Chee Sian "my colleague". We've been thru suffering hellish night for this project and I'm personally a football fans and what happened is I get sick of these EURO 2008 and Celcom thinggy. But quite a good experience. Thanks to Celcom and XM for the project.

ntv7*Media Prima* site
ntv7, one of Malaysia's TV channel under "Media Prima" and this time I'm doing overall revamp together with Chee Sian again. It's not really a hard work because of the not bad time management and project manager Dave. Happy to have the site live already by now.

Sutra Stirring Odissi site

Sutra Stirring Odissi is fully done by me and myself when I just entered XM.

RHB press ads

RHB press ads....

Asian Palm Oil site

This is my first project in XM, Art Direction done by previous people in XM but I've been ask to redesign and relayout it so this is totally my work, including the flash scripting and technical part.....

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

After so long of being single, I glad and proud to announce that I'm not single anymore on 30th June 2008, a day that carved in my heart and the lucky girl is Miss Irene Phuah Jia Siew aka. "tembikai/watermelon/melon, jing jing and char siew" and now my darling. Haha, Sorry for the previous statement saying she's the lucky girl, actually I'm the one suppose to be lucky, I'm lucky to have her. I love her, very much but I dunno I can give her so much love as she give me or not, but I'll give her all I've got. She's such a lovely girl. Here's some picture of my darling. *I know I know I sound "GELI" but what to do? She's really my darling. With her by my side I'm happy enough.

Ps : Before presentation...still got time to take picture.

Ps : Cute darling again having lunch at Pavilion Ichiban Boshi Japanese Restaurant..hehe..cute!

Ps : Last but not least, me and my darling.

I've tell myself to love her more than I love myself and give all my best to her. I wish our relationship will last till the world end. I LOVE YOU, Miss Phuah Jia Siew!!!!