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Saturday, November 29, 2008

XM Creative Team...and my fellows crazy and fun colleagues.

I have be in XM Malaysia for quite some time, if I count back it's been 1 year and 3 months in this company. I can't say that is not long but I doesn't feel short either due to many designers and staffs keep on leaving and coming in. Althou there're a lots of ups and downs like a g
ood Art Director like Eugene left us and also some of our fellow good and fun friends and designer too left us, Liang, Edwin and Yinlu..Shai, Haanim and also Zammil. Lots have happen and some problems came in to the office like you know who keep making everything hard for us Designers but we still surviving until today. I don't know that I'm loyal or I'm an Idiot or maybe I love the enviroment here too much like how Ashok has been here for 2 and a half year, people said desginers have to jump from company to other frequently and this is my first job as a designer in this company but I don't feel like leaving them yet because I havent did something for the Company yet. Soon there're will be a lot of people leaving XM I guess but I don't know when is my turn yet. Just let it be and rock on...

Let's talk about the important stuffs.

FRIDAY, 28th November 2008- It's had been a very very super duper wonderful and memorable day for XM and all the people from creative team and also myself. At last we can see what we did had been appreciate and and acknowledge. Let's scream it out everyone shout one time "WE XMian ROCKXXX!!". Why we rock?? We won 2 silvers, 3 bronze and also a merit for god sake. It'll soon be a legend in XM can we say we not rock enough man. Here I would like to Congratulate to XM, and especially ASHOK!!!! and PEI LYN!!! you guys made us proud "gila babi" you guys know or not? Kinda envy you guys but no worry, we'll do better next time right Han Sing, Wei Ling, Sook kean and Chee Sian!!!

It's been such a wonderful night, we keep on going up the stage and take the awards just like in oscar or grammy. Everyone looking at us and even our competitor clap for us. Hahaha...and I've been counting how many awards IF Interactive had won but sadly they didn't did quite well this time. That's why we rockx!! Last year we got a merit and we've been listed at Rank 22 this year I don't know what rank are we....could be top 10. LOL!!! HAPPY LA, WHAT SOMEMORE!! But I think the most happy person is Stuart and also Sandeep. Sandeep had made an order that this year we need to win 5 awards and we did it only at Kancil, not even count the others like london award, webby and asia interactive awards. We get 6 at kancil thou, a merit counted as an award too. Hahahaha.

Here's the list of project that we use to win awards this year.

- Looking for MR.Big "Kancil Award - 1 Silver, 3 Bronzes"

- Volks Wagen : Quick Launch "Kancil Award - 1 Silver / Asia Interactive Awards - 1 Bronze"
- ReefCheck
"Kancil Award - 1 merit / Asia Interactive Awards - 1 Bronze"
- Expandium "Asia Interactive Awards - 1 Bronze / webby"
- XM Christmas E-card "Asia Interactive Awards - 1 Bronze"

That's it....super duper. Try and visit all those links and try them. I'm really really happy, can't really express it out. Hahaha. Oh ya, photos of those awards and our stupid pictures will be upload to the post you guys can actually see how happy we were on that day!! One last time "XM ROCKZZZ!!!"

Chee Sien, you looks like hungry ghost la...hahahaha

Me and 2 of XM's flowers...Hansing seems like no neck here...hahaha

The first 2 Silver and Bronze awards...

My Boss and his Beloved Flashok/Ashok...look how happy they are...

I want to go up there too...I thinks Chee Sien is thinking like that during that time.

Heroes of XM!!

Everyone wanted to take photo with legos..hahaha

Yahoo!!! We ROCKZZ!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Stuning and beautiful darling...hehehe

Yeah yeah, 24th November 2008 is a big big day for miss Irene Phuah. It's her 21st Birthd
ay and now she's a official big girl who can go into Genting Highland's Casino now...kekeke. Actually I wanted to surprise her with present on 24th but too bad she found out that I'm hiding the present at her house. I've bought her a Forever 21 handbag since she's going to be 21 so I bought the handbag "with the concept of her can be Forever 21 years old" with the help of Wei Ling and Han Sing and it's not that cheap or expensive either. But too bad she said it's not suitable so we went to change it the day after. We went to change the handbag after work on friday night and she was happy because she got 3 pieces of very nice Forever 21 shirts where I've to add another few ringgits after that but I don't care as long as she's happy then it doesn't matter. After that we went back home while on the way back we bought some secret recipe cheese cake and guess what, after she consume that cheese cake she doesn't feeling well till this morning where I went to work late because I need to acc her to consult doctor. Thank god nothing happen. Just maybe because of food poisoning. Poor thing my darling. Ok, let's skip that. Go back on 24th November.

Lost in her own room... with her new "forever 21" shirts as her birthday present, not this only ok...still got 2 more shirts in her closet. I'm not too poor too afford to buy stuffs for her la..hahaha.

I looks quite leng zhai in the picture above..hahaha.

Darling bully me, I bu suang...hahaha.

Sweet lo..kekekeke.

Big Day started when we woke up at around 10 o'clock and She said she wanna watch Gems Of Life episode 24 and 25 first before we go out so we watched until aroun 12 o'clock and then we only prepare to bath and go out. While she's setting up her makeup, I went to consult doctor for my skin problem and get a Medical Leave Cert...hehe, you know what it means..I didn't go to work..buahahahaha. After everythings done, we took some pictures. She's pretty and beautiful......stunt for a moment. I don't know what you guys out there will say and I don't care. She's beautiful. Here're some photo taken. Kekekeke.....
We had our lunch at her favourite Thailand Resturant Call "OM Fruits" where she ate tomyam meehon and I ate "Nasi Goreng Lakna" plus a XL size fresh watermelon+lychee blended fruits juice. The restaurant is located at Jalan Genting Kelang same row with Kenny Roger Roaster. The Food there is famous and delicious. Try it if you have chance to go to Genting Kelang. Our first destination, Times Square...We always go pak tor there. Don't know why? But what I know is they've got the best place for bowling. We reached there at around 3 o'clock and when we reached there we straight and went to collect our Madagascar 2: Escape 2 Africa's movie tickets. In the 50 minutes before the movie, we went and jalan jalan and shopping and you guess what?!! I saw my Youngest uncle and his family at Times Square....duh, he also ponteng work...haha, he not ponteng la...he's the manager of mentakab biggest hotel and guess what?!! They also watching Madagascar at 3.55 too...haha. What coincidence.

Okok, now is time to go into the cinema...I tell you, Madagascar is really a good movie and worth it. Good animation and creative story....Funniest animation movie beside Ice Age. There's a character called "Gloria" the hyppo, I tease Darling looks like her cuz the character is and then I'm "Melman". After we watched the movie, we went and have some shopping at Times Square and bought some small stuffs for darling until around 7 like that and we almost forgotten we need to goto Ampang Bowl for a birthday match with darling. Kekeke. Here're some photos during the game..Bowling is a very easy game:

Before the game game start....ready.

Take a bowling and roll.....

..and strike!!

At last, win the game, Miss Irene aka. my darling want to prove that she beaten me, by the way I never win her once yet....sad.

Alright, after bowling we directly goto the sacred place, Japanese Buffet "Jogoya" at Str Hill Bukit Bintang. Many people know about this place, but not all've been there yet. One of them is my darling. She wanted to go very much, I know it thou she always said expensive la, we go OM eat better. Haha, but it's her Birthday, I wanna bring her to some place she never been to before and we end up in "Jogoya". Hehehe. Here's some photos after bowling match. Enjoy.

On the way to "Jogoya", stop at Lot 10 for toilet time and we took some time to snap the Christmas tree there. I mean she took picture with the tree only.

Reached at "Jogoya" and then quickly snap a picture first due to hungriness..Haha.

...and we ATACCCKKK!!! Here's some abolone slices, mushrooms and scallops.

Beefs, chickens, grilled satay chicken and roast corn. Yummy...

Looking good right, this satay? Is not bad actually eating satay at "Jogoya". Haha.

The first round is like that, 3 plate only..hahaha.

..and we're too busy to eat no time to take picture for the second and third round's pictures. Haha but common, enjoy looking at this "Hagen Daz" ice-cream....delicousssss...except for the green tea flavour.

Here comes another 3 different flovour from "Hagen Daz" again..

You can see how delicious is the Ice-Cream from her first dy...hahaha.

Thou those looks yummy and delicious but I only will give 6 out of ten to "Jogoya" don't know why Me and Darling don't feel like the foods is worth that money. Maybe we're not big eater so we think that's a bit waste of money. I think simple steamboat from Restaurant Talipon will be nicer. That's all for the 21st birthday of Miss Irene Phuah's post. Here's a message for you darling, I hope you're happy with what I did and I'm sorry for what stupid things I did and I really love you. Hehe. cold de..kakakaka..But I really mean it, I wish we'll be together forever k? I'll do my best. Love you. Muax!!!