Last year is really a fun year, neglect the first 2 month where I had my unstable relationship with Irene. Neglect the fact that my previous company's Creative Director doesn't give a shit about me as his staff~I think overall it's really a good year where I met lots of exciting stuffs, peoples and events.

Stuffs : I bought my PS3 for my excitement, My Squier Fender Electric Guitar, My Morrison Folk Acoustic Guitar and also some shirts I was dying for (Japan International Jersey, Stay Real T-Shirt my sister bought for me and many others) will upload all those soon~~

My Morrison Acoustic Folk Guitar

My Squeir Fender Electric Guitar~~

My Stay Real T-Shirt from Taiwan bought by my beloved Sister(Phui Mun)

Peoples : Sok Ling, Jiaee, Ivan, Sim Simz, Wen Ying, Hong Ming, Alvin Gan, Chung Hing, Chee Hang, Jay, Poh Kim, Woo, Tarry, Hendry, Jaster, Clarence, Eric, Soon, Venice, Moon, Yee and my bosses (Pierre and Su Choon)....They changed me a lot...I need to thank them~~oh ya, thanks to a guy called awens too, if he didn't show me some fuck face during the jamming session, I won't improve..I sincerely say thank you to u~

Obviously it was nothing close to this, the fireworks was blocked and it's crowded~~Damn, but I was happy enough~thanks for the moment~I wish I'll have another year countdown with you all again~

Events : I broke up (actually I'm glad it happened if its not I won't be who I am today, thank to you too Irene.), We form a band called The Puyohs (This is the happiest, after 6years of waiting), Hwa Lian IU day performance, SMKM performance, Cameroon Highland trip with a bunch of my buddies, all the practice sessions with Sok Ling, Iys, Jiaee, Chung....wen ying just started this year, my countdown for year Genting Highland and also the fireworks on 12 o'clock, althou everyone separated during the event but I happy enough, I'm just happy I spent my time stuck at there, I knows it's no big deal, but that moment I really happy~thanks for the happy 2009/2010 moment.......I just like a movie~~I won't be telling the details what am I so happy about~~hahaha~

Everything ending nicely, happyly and smoothly for 2009...but when it reached 2010 January...everything started to fucked up~First~~I were lacking power in my working place....I felt I'm powerless after my break, why am I taking so much time to recover just a bit when my boss needs me~~until now...I just fucked up the starting of my first meeting with my company's clients~~I really teribbly sorry for Su Choon~damn!!! Yeah, second...the things me and a few of my good friends were doing and planned goes hairwired and not planned well enough~~~I'm the one to blame for not giving out my assets~~yeah, when we had good planning althou our assets isn't much it will be good enough to go thru the work~~please, I will do my best but please plan~~

The one I care and love the most, my band goes unwell too..the quarrel of my band members made me can't sleep well for 2 days already. Event in dream I saw them quarreling. Actually quarelling in a band is quite normal but I just felt that we're so close but why we ended up like this, everything can be solve...just be calm...althou the 3 others that didn''t involve said to me nothing we can do, they're adults and let them settle themselves, they'll eventually be good back and we're 1 again but I can't stop thinking, I just can't~!! Maybe is because one of them said leaving the band and it makes my heart ache!! I felt so sad and my tears almost drop~damn why is this happening....althou the 2 that involve said it will be ok...but still I'm freaking mess up~~i can't stop thinking~~Maybe I really take the band too important...but it can't help cuz I really love them~~What can I do, to ease my feelings and my problems~~I'm really asking for help now....I will try to deal with it myself but what if it goes wrong~~i really can't inmagine~~