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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Lots of things happened during the past week where "Tembikai" went home for her school holiday break. One of the most interesting thing that happened was "Tembikai" found a dog outside her house. So she and her mum decided to take it back home as their pet dog. Here's the pictures of the dog...

"Tembikai" asked me to give a name for him, at first she wan to call him "Dao Sha Pao", influence by me, hahaha. I found out that "Dao Sha Pao" name sound very cute. But her mum don't let instead, her mum called him "Kiki". Kinda outdated name so I suggested another name for him, that's.....TADA!! "LUFFY!". Yes Yes, it's actually the name of the world most famous pirate, the straw hat pirate captain name, "Luffy d. Monkey". From what "Tembikai" told me, "luffy" is very quiet and fierce and also fierceless. He can sleep while you're carrying him up in the middle of the air. Such "gaya" dog. I'll try to find one day goto Penang and see this cute and charming "Luffy".

Monday, September 22, 2008

Saturday, September 20th 2008 : It was a wonderful morning and as plan, me and "tembikai" went for a cheap lunch at "Bobo" restaurant below her house *an all time favourite food place among us*. After having our lunch, we headed to Perodua Branch to check out the new "MYVI Facelift" at Genting Kelang. On the way there, we saw a Medallion Gray New Myvi and I'm totally addicted to it. At first glance you won't be think that's MYVI for god sake. It's too beatiful to be a Malaysian Car...haha. But thanks to Perodua I'll lay my hand on this new MYVI. By the way the picture of the medallion gray myvi in picture doesn't show out the real color. You guys should check it out the real deal. We reached they after about 10 minutes walk and ask everything about the car and glad to say, I'm ok with everything and also the price and it's in my budget. Soon this hot car will be mine...wahahaha. The dealer there got asked me to test drive and I was thicking can I drive to Times Square and then asked the guy to drive back himself..haha because my next destination is over there but guess what..of cuz I didn't do that.

We took cab to Times Square and reached there about 15 minutes later and we header to our next destination and that's Low Yat Plaza because "tembikai"'s looking for Canon Digital Camera. Luckily that there so we get a Canon Ixus 860is for quite a reasonable price, rm950. we tried the camera on the spot. Here're some photos we shot:

The first picture we took....hehehe.

After that we went back to Times Square to look for Danny they all. Soon after we meet up, we decided to watch this movie called "Body" it's a Thailand horror movie and Times Square's not showing it so when plan to watch at Pavilion since Danny and his gf wanted to eat there. We headed there after Danny went back to his house at the 43th floor of Times Square Resident Apartment while me and "Tembikai" shopping at "Sasa" for her Mascara. We, reached Pavilion around 4 like that and we went to the foodcourt soon after we bought the tickets. On the way back to the food court due to the late reply from Ferru me and "tembikai" headed back to GSC for another 2 tickets, my dear "Tembikai" wanna try out on this new food store called "Mr.Baoz" from Taiwan or Japan, I not very sure but here're some images for reference.

Overall those "baos" are not bad except the yellowish, fish one.

After the food and lunch stuffs, we meet up with Ferru and his gf and we went directly into the cinema and watch this Thailand horror movie "Body":

Herm...I don't think I'll talk much on this movie but if you ask me what point I'll rate it I'll give it a 3.5 out of 5. It actually it's quite a scary and with lots of good story telling scene in it. The things I don't like about it is because the fake ghost like plastic toy. But beside that it's a good movie. For horror freak you might find out it's very enjoyable. Haha.

We went back to Times Square after the movie and then continue at our all time fave. place "Ampang Super Bowl" it's been awhile since I play bowling. Before we start to play bowling, we had our dinner at Mac Donald and guess what, McD's price had raise and the portion became less. What the hell? I think I won't go to McD in awhile if they continue like this. I rather go to Carl's Junior for the satisfactory. After that, bowling time!!

But I cam whoring my darling before the bowling match start.

Some up and down during the match...the result still not satisfying because Ye Tat's leading again. Danny can't win me again, haha. Too bad my darling didn't play, if not my team won't lose...sigh.

How about we end the post with a nerdy style Ferru. Haha, one word to say him. Sohai.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Suddenly I went and created a XM Snowman, we're going to submit the christmas card for competion soon. Haha....