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Thursday, October 30, 2008

I've updating this post at last...I've been busy this whole week and unable to update my previous post about my Penang trip. Too bad I didn't get to Penang Island but I still be able to taste those tasty food from Penang and also the warmth from my darling's family. When I reached Penang, specifically Butterworth, my darling's hometown was already night time around 10 something. It's late and we're both tire so we didn't go anywhere. Darling's daddy and mummy plus luffy zhai is there to fetched us and this is also my first time meet with darling's daddy, kinda worry at first. When we reached home, we played with luffy for awhile and then we prepare to sleep. that's it for the arriving day.

The first thing I woke up in the morning is looking for darling of course..haha. But for our first destination is a small kopitiam that selling this hokkien mee and lor mee. I've been craving to eat lor mee for quite sometime already but now my dream came true. So We order a hokkien lor mee and also lor mee and some side dishes. It was really incredibly tasty and I don't feel like stopping to eat. Too bad I'm not a camera person...I don't take photos that often but tell you the truth, it's really tasty and delicious. You guys out there should try that if you're in Penang.

After that we went to the pasar pagi nearby and walk around. Darling saw a short pants and wanted to buy it because all her pants are old. So she bought a L size pants but at last she found out that she unable to wear it...hahaha but it's too late we already back to KL that time. After that we went and bought this very old school ice-cream, the jagung and red bean ice cream potong. Felt so refreshing after I ate them. We went to find darling's mummy at pasar after that and darling bought another yoga pants at the pasar. Penang is always hot course it near the sea...I was sweating like nobody's business..haha as usual.

Arggghhh!! Luffy Act cute....cutenya!!

Luffy: I want food....give me food pleaseeee...

My Darling and Luffy...both also so cute, a dog and a rabbit/watermelon.

Last but not least, me and Luffy, 2 leng zhai together snap a photo. Hehehe...

Went home after that...they'll be a lot of photo of this part of the day because we keep on took picture with Luffy-Zhai, one of the cutest thing ever in my life. But will take me some time to edit the photos and upload it. I don't know why I felt a bit sleepy during the afternoon so I decided to take a nap around 2 like that cuz darling said she wanna bring me to have some laksa around 3 like that and also go to the area new Jusco. The laksa at the road side is very delicious too..I'm not a laksa person but I felt like eating it again even now I'm writing about it. Don't know when only I'll have a chance to back to penang again with my darling due to her tight working schedule..haiz..sad lo even not time to pak tor I guess. I'm working for the weekdays and she's working during the weekends.

Jusco, another location I went in Penang. I don't find it interesting to goto Jusc
o at KL...but this super duper big Jusco in Penang quite amaze me thou and I found a lot of shops in it too. All you can find in KL you can now find it in Jusco Penang too. Not much things too say thou....darling's mummy prepared steamboat for us at night and a lot of hou liu...hehe. Again, I eat until sweating...not sweat means the foods not nice..haha I mean for me. darling's mummy is really a good cook. Like my mum too..both different type of cook. Haha.

Don't know what car is this...hahaha.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, whoaaaaaahhhhh!!

Nissan Fairlady, whoahhhhh!

I think this is the same car me, Ashok and Chee Sian saw 1 the day we were on the way to Kancil Award.

Volks Wagen Bettle....whoah!!

Mazda RX8 whoah!!!

We went to a meet up with darling's best friends during the night cuz they said they wanna see me. I've manage to know one of her friends only *Careen*-Description about Carren : Well, she's a very nice gal, dudes if not because some problem, she's a real hot chick I would say. But she's nice and cun la.kakaka. Darling don't jealous ya I compliment your friend. You're still the prettiest and most wonderful girl in the world.-* so far before I went to this meeting. We meet up at Autocity and what a luck, there got car show....saw a lot of bombastic car there with full modification. Will upload photos too soon..After we walked around and everyone's here. We sit down at Starbucks and chit chat..I don't talk much thou cuz I don't really know the others..I really wanted to slip and and talk with them so I wouldn't make my darling's friends feel boring, but too bad I won't be able to slip in..haiz. I'm very very sorry. When back a bit late after that and straight when to bed after that and we went back to KL straight after we woke up and have our breakfast. For some of you might think of what a boring trip but for me I feel very fun and I can see a lot of stuffs. I guess different people different view of point. haha.

Lastly, Miss Careen, she don't want to let you guys see her face...wat to do...? Hahaha.

On 19th and 25th of October 2008, Virus FC once again went for a CUP organized by the society group called "Number One" with a new member joined in, my colleague "Ashok" with Me, Iys, Danny, Kelun, Ferru and Stanley, group of 7. We went to Pertama Complex to looked for our team jersey and that's the jersey we're wearing in the picture on the picture above. It cost each of us rm60+. The're were 12 teams joining the competition on that day and we're divided into 4 groups, 3 teams in a group. We're in group C and we need to fight with the 2 teams and only one team will be able to proceed to the semifinal. The first team we fought was "Pro Soccer"...lame do we...hahaha. I only remember this team name..others I've no idea at all. Here's the list of the score during the games.

19th October 2008
First Match - 3-2 *We won!!
Goal scored by : Danny, Ashok and Kelun*
Second Match - 4-1 *We won!! Goal scored by : Me" Defender own goal, I assist ", Ashok "2 goals" and Kelun*

25th October 2008 *Semifinal*
Semifinal - 1-4
*We lost. Goal scored by : Kelun*
3rd and 4th - 4-2
*We won!! Goal scored by : Ferru "2 goals" and Ashok "2 goals"*

Some picture during the game.

First match against team "Pro Soccer", don't know what Iys is doing....?

Some strategic meeting after we won the first match.

Still happy because we thought we'll be going to be the Champion..hahaha
Ferru and Stanley showing off with their new Virus Kit..Umbro

Last and not least, the cameraman, fans of Virus and my darling all by one person, Miss Irene Phuah

At last, we've got 3rd place in the competition. we were planning to strike for the champion but too bad there's a group which is very strong, I would say the playing more team work than our group that's why they can get champion for the competition.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Recently I've been thinking lots of stuffs, family, relationship, friendship and many more but the biggest is still family....I don't know how to describe myself as a son but at least I think I did better than lots of people's sons, but don't know why my family keep on asking more from me. Maybe it's human nature, human is greedy so maybe this is the problem. I've been struggling very hard but still I can't they don't understand. Mabye is because I didn't tell them my problem and they think I'm living as a rich guy at KL....haiz...

Second, I think I've been traumatize by my previous relationship and now I've this heavy jealousy and doubt on my girlfriend...I know she love me very much but still I've the feeling. I scared to be betrayed again. I really don't what to do only I can't settle down my problems.....I wanna go somewhere far and peace to sit alone and calm myself down!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I'm currently playing this "Super Robot Taisen A" on my PSP. I've been playing and following Super Robot series for quite some times already. Actually not quite some times, I've been playing the series since I'm 13 and now I'm 23 already so it's been 10 long years. Thou the battle systems and gameplay is basically 80% same with the older ver. but what attract me is the characters that appear in each series. Each series there's different robots that appear. This time, they have Shiro in Gundam 08th team, Gundam Wing guys and G Gundam *1 of my all time favourite playable robots*. It's a bit sad that Eva is dying from SRW series. Macross character not around, Gundam Seed and seed destiny. I wish all of them appear, but all time favourite SRW's "Shin Getter" and "Mazingkaiser" still there. They're always there. Overall it's not bad compare to the older one just lack of other series appearance. I still prefer "alpha" series. For those robots fans and freaks, it's a great game on PSP I would say. Don't hesitate to try it out.